8 October 2017

Your parcel is on the way!

For those who had just ordered the A6 card holder, you parcel is on the way! 

We hope you'll receive them soon! 

7 October 2017

Field Notes in Singapore

For our Field Notes fans in Singapore, the new Field Notes edition is now available! 

We know you don't want to give this edition a miss, so drop us a message to get a pack of this beautiful edition. 

30 September 2017

TGX Tactical Notebook

It is always a challenge for me to choose a notebook to suit the workshop, or the course I am attending.
"Which notebook should I use?"
"Is it big enough?"
"Will it be attractive?"
"Can it take gel pen?"

And for the recent Tactical workshop, I decided to give this notebook: TGX Tactical Notebook (small).