13 November 2016


My recent pen(s) search makes a new discovery, one that bring writing to a whole new level.

Check out Quotidian Pen, a minimalist ballpoint-pen that features the World's first magnetic propulsion mechanism, which will change the way you see, use and fidget with a pen forever! 

You saw that???

25 September 2016

Write of the Day - 25092016

Here's my Write of the Day for 25 Sept 2016.

Wanted to practice Sketchnoting, but when I started writing, my creativity shuts down.
So I ended up doing Notes writing.

There's always another day to practice.

Link for the notes:

24 September 2016

My Every Day Notebook

All my readers know I carry notebook(s) daily, but what do I have in it? 
This post will have an insight of my current Every Day Notebook.


I have been carrying these notebooks for the past months:
- Field Notes Sweet Tooth as Weekly Planner;
- Field Notes America The Beautiful as my Random Notebook;
- & PocketMod for my To-Do-List. 

They are great for I love pocket size notebook(s) and I can easily stuff them into the side pocket of my pants. Having them separated is easily for me to organize my stuffs. 

But.... I changed. 

20 September 2016

Write of the Day - 20092016

I enjoy writing, particularly useful quotes or notes i read from the internet.

While writing tonight, I think i should share what I have written with my reader, and here we go, Write of the Day for 20 Sept 2016.